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Cross-Party Support in NZ for West Papua Vote

New Zealand MPs pose with the West Papua Freedom Movement's
Benny Wenda after signing the International Parliamentarians for West Papua
Declaration. Photo: RNZI/Koroi Hawkins
MPs from four New Zealand political parties have signed a declaration by the International Parliamentarians for West Papua.

This follows an address at parliament by the West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda who is in New Zealand raising awareness about his Indonesian-ruled homeland.
Eleven members signed the International Parliamentarians' declaration, calling for a self-determination vote in Papua.
Mr Wenda said the cross-party support is a sign of growing global solidarity.
"It's not one particular party but Labour, Greens, National (and Maori Party), they're all signing the declaration. So this is, they show that around the world this fight is about a humanitarian issue. People believe in justice and freedom. That's why these MPs are signing the declaration for West Papua internationally-supervised vote."
Benny Wenda also participated in a march today to the Indonesian embassy in Wellington where demonstrators protested against Indonesian rule in Papua.

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