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Papuan students call on Jokowi to withdraw military

Dozens of Papuan students demonstrated on Friday in Malang, East Java, calling on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to bring an end to violence in the eastern-most Indonesian province of Papua by, among other things, withdrawing the military from the province.
Two Papuans were killed – Imanuel Mailmaur and Yulianus Okoware, both aged 23 – and two others injured – Marthinus Apokapo (24) and Marthinus Imapula (25) – when two soldiers opened fire on Aug. 28 in Timika, Papua.
The protesters also demanded that the President ensure that the Indonesian Military (TNI) carry out a proper investigation into the shootings so that the culprits could be prosecuted.
“We know that Indonesia is a country governed by the law, so, investigate and prosecute those who shot the Papuans,” said Nhoten Suhuniap, a spokesperson for the action held at Malang City Hall as quoted by
According to the protesters, the withdrawal of the military will end the violence in Papua.
During the demonstration, they also revealed the alleged kidnapping and torture of civilians on Aug. 27 this year. “It was a serious human rights abuse,” said Suhuniap, adding that more than 500,000 Papuan people had been killed since 1963.
They also demanded that President Jokowi fulfill his promise to give greater access to foreign journalists coming to Papua.
The demonstrators carried various posters and banners, their messages including: “Self-determination is the solution”, “Democracy for the Papuan people” and “Stop exploiting Papua’s wealth”.
Dozens of police officers guarded the demonstration, allowing the protesters to safely voice their views. “The most important thing is that the demonstration is held peacefully. Police officers are only keeping an eye out,” said Malang Deputy chief Comr. Dewa Putu Darmawan. (bbn)(++++)
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